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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

RIP Nick Dewar

I didn't know Nick Dewar personally. Only exchanged a few emails over the years but always loved his work. This piece was always one of my favorites.

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Nick Dewar, illustrator, passed away today. Nick Dewar is another young talent lost in series of early deaths. Nick Dewar was born in Scotland in 1973 and died in 2010. During his lifetime, Nick Dewar lived in Glasgow where he attended art school, London, Prague, New York and finally southern California.

According to SPD, Nick Dewar artist rep Kate Larkworthy had the following on her Facebook page:

“Nick Dewar--what a lovely man and dedicated friend. I can't believe he is gone in body but never, ever, ever in spirit. They surely threw away the mold when they made Nick. Those of us who were lucky to know him will have a void in our lives forever.

A small family service will be held in Newport Beach later this week. A memorial service will be held in New York at a later date. Contributions can be made in Nick's name to radio station WFMU New Jersey.”

The Nick Dewarwebsite features his work and information about this talented artist. One of the central themes expressed by Nick Dewar was television as a dominating force in constructing human reality. This is taken directly from the Nick Dewar website:

“My work has appeared in magazines, on billboards, in books and on the wall next to the telephone. Illustration has been my sole occupation since leaving art school over 15 years ago and indeed it is doubtful that I could actually hold down a proper job if asked.

I have been published in countries as far flung as Japan, India, Germany, Spain, Rarotonga and Iceland but mostly work comes from American and British people.”

Most people are familiar with Nick Dewar's work but may not know it. The cover illustration on the novel, "The Devil Wears Prada" was done by Nick Dewar.

We express our sincere condolences to the family, friends and fans of Nick Dewar.


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