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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Random Drawings: Robert Smith

Was watching more snow fall, sorting through old drawings and stuff and found this Robert Smith drawing I did. Might color it at some point, but kinda like it as B/W at the moment.


alex fine illustration said...

You have to love drawing that hair. This would make a good finished color illustration.

This Snow is crazy, I know DC is getting hit as bad as Baltimore.

Owen Schumacher said...

GREAT! I love it. Robert's gotten pretty hefty lately. You should do an overweight Robert, too. Before and after!

Brian Taylor Illustration said...

Thanks, guys!

Roberto Zaghi said...

I'm placing this comment while whatching The Cure's Trilogy dvd - I'm fond of the subject. Very nice drawing!

Brian Taylor Illustration said...

Thanks for checking out my stuff, Roberto!

Alexis said...

this one is cool ! Love the "unfinished" hair

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