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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Lollapalooza 1991 Revisited for Time Out Chicago

Illustration for this week's Time Out Chicago. Perry Farrell was being interviewed relived some of his favorite Lollapalooza moments, which I was asked to illustrate. Two of which were lifting weights with Henry Rollins and hanging out with Ice-T (and his band Body Count.)

During my initial sketches, I included Perry in the scenes. The art director mentioned there would be a big photo of Perry, we wouldn't need Perry in them. Not a problem, it ended up making these stronger pieces in the long run.

This was my first commissioned pieces where I started playing with texture more in the finals. Also playing with the contrast a bit more. I've already done 6 commissioned pieces with this new textured feel and pretty happy with them all (and the ADs as well.)

I guess it's not that much different than my previous work but always a little scary when you're tweaking your style.

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