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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My Artistic Influences

I don't pretend to have studied the great masters of the art world. I've always been influenced with what was around me at the time.

I thought I'd document those influences visually just for fun.

I spent way too much time drawing Snoopy then Garfield then looking at all the great art in Mad. Then on to drawing comics books by looking at Art Adams, Mike Mignola, Todd McFarlane (and yes, Rob Liefeld!) Just being honest here. I drew way too many X-Force characters as a youth!

Then on to studying Joe Sorren and Phil Burke when I started painting in college.

My illustration style started with just painting and then went full circle, coming back around to a line art comic book inspired style.


alex fine illustration said...

these all look good to me! I think most of us can include X-Men in there somewhere. I was actually heavily influenced by Kent Williams until college when I started reading Dan Clowes and Charles Burns and decided to start inking it up!

Brian Taylor Illustration said...

A definite fan of those guys as well. My list of comic book artists can go on and on but thought I'd limit to the ones I thought had a direct impact on my art.

I can still draw a mean Garfield!!

Dominic Bugatto said...

Brave admission on the Leifeld influence , we all have inspirational skeletons in our creative closets ;-)

Loved John Byrne's FF for the longest time in the 80's ?

Brian Taylor Illustration said...

Thanks, Dom. I really like Alan Davis' Captain Britain / Excalibur work. Always thought he had a similar feel to Byrne's work.

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