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Friday, April 29, 2011

Dave Grohl Experiment

Playing around with a style similar to the David Bowie piece I did. This one isn't nearly as successful as the Bowie piece but figured I'd post anyway. It's Dave Grohl, so that's cool.


John W. Tomac said...

I like seeing the experimentation... There's something I find satisfying about the flat color in this and the Bowie piece.

Just curious, but have you played around with adjusting the color of your line work on these? Maybe using the orange in the background or brown in the beard/hair or treating the line almost like it's negative space that is bleeding into the composition.

Brian Taylor Illustration said...

I played with the color for a bit but didnt kill myself on it. Thanks for checking it out.

pete ryan said...

no way, this is awesome!

Brian Taylor Illustration said...


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