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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Recent Painting Assignments

Here is an illustration for the May 2010 Government Executive magazine. I work with them regularly and was excited to hear that they wanted me to do a 'speed technology' type cover illustration. The editor backed out at the end and didn't feel comfortable with my illo as the cover. The AD was very gracious and apologetic. No hard feelings, that's the biz and the cover is the most scrutinized part, so no biggie. (Got paid the cover fee anyway. Thanks Kelly.)

Also here is my dragon in a library illo for First time I've ever actually painted a dragon. Almost reminds of a kids book illo or something. Thanks Scott.


Ned said...

these illustrations are beautiful and unique...


pete ryan said...

great looking paintings!

Brian Taylor Illustration said...

Thanks guys!

Owen Schumacher said...

Your colors are awesome here. Love the textural quality of the dragon.

By the way, if you noticed, my Facebook account was hacked and went bye-bye. Maybe I'll start another one some time. Just a heads-up.

Brian Taylor Illustration said...

That stinks about your FB. I noticed I didn't see you around on there.

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