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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Stocks & Commodities December 2009

Cover illustration. The same art was also used in the inside as a full page feature. Thanks Christine!

Also just finished an illustration for UFC Magazine, but probably won't be able to post that until 2010.


Owen Schumacher said...

Great image! I like the guys riding the dragon. I shouldn't think about that metaphor too deeply: I might get creeped out.

Show the UFC picture anyway! We won't tell anyone.

Brian Taylor Illustration said...

It's actually the first time I've drawn one of those traditional dragons.

The UFC art came out good (I thought).

alex fine illustration said...

This one came out great. The colors work well together and the concept fits perfect.

Brian Taylor Illustration said...

Thanks, Alex. Will have to give credit to the art director with the concept. She usually has a solid idea in mind and I try to put my spin on it.

pete ryan said...

This is great in every way!!!

Brian Taylor Illustration said...

Thanks, Pete. I like that nonslick blogspot you got going on. Nice to hear what the ADs think.

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