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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

2010 Postcards: What To Do?

One thing I really struggle with is designing self-promo postcards. More specifically, I struggle with what images to put on these postcards. About this time each year, I start working on my postcard design for January 2010. Here are 2 designs I'm working on:

#1 - This is a postcard showing my digital style. I wanted to show a lot of different stuff on this one. I've been much more aggressive with promoting my digital work in recent years than my painterly stuff. Digital style has been much more popular with getting new clients. I still get work for my painterly stuff, but mainly from already established clients.

#2 - Here is something I've always wanted to do - a dual style postcard, showing both styles on the postcard, like on my website. Not sure if it's a positive or a negative to show both styles on the same card.

Typicially, most clients have a specific style in mind when calling me. Sometimes they don't have a preference or are flexible but usually not.

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