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Friday, July 17, 2009

Self Portrait 2009

Thought I'd update my portrait to replace my current one on my business card and on my blog/website. While I like this one just fine, I don't like it better than the current one I use for my blogger profile.


Owen Schumacher said...

Fun! The self-portrait tradition is rich one, but in college I took a life painting course that had us doing a crazy number of them a week, as well one for the midterm and final. I got tired of myself.

Hey, Brian, I keep coming back to your blog and John Hendrix's. They're great. Are there any you like to visit I don't know about?

Brian Taylor Illustration said...

Thanks, Owen I appreciate you checking out my stuff. I have couple older self-portraits that I thought about posting at some point.

As far as blogs, Frank Stockton's blog is exceptional. It's at his website:, I believe. Kyle T. Webster has one at his site as well.

Owen Schumacher said...

Cool suggestions. Thanks! I remember seeing Stockton's pictures, but I guess I forgot to bookmark. His composition's wonderful.

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