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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Clint Eastwood: Before and After

Back in 2002, I was experimenting with a new "digital" style instead of my usual oil paint illustrations. I was taking my drawings, scanning them in and coloring them in Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop. One of those early digital illustrations was of Clint Eastwood, a person I've illustrated a few times over the years. (I also have a painting of him that I may post later.)

Recently I finished a new Clint Eastwood illustration, and thought it would be cool to compare my portrait from 2002 to my current one in 2009. I've been trying to refine my linework over the years and it definitely shows in the comparison.


pete ryan said...

wow, really strong - both

Brian Taylor Illustration said...

Thanks, Pete. I cringed at first when opening up that old Clint file. Glad to see it may not be as bad as I originally thought...

Owen Schumacher said...

The new Clint looks gorgeous, Brian. Between the two, I think your progress in refinement and subtlety is really evident. Plus, I think you chose funner colors this time.

And I still gotta see Gran Torino!

Brian Taylor Illustration said...

Yeah, Owen. I noticed the difference in color choices as well. Looks like my 'coloring' skills have been refined a bit as well.

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