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Friday, June 26, 2009

5280 Magazine July 2009 Illustration

Illustration for Denver's regional magazine of Brian Crecente, the editor in chief of, a popular gaming blog which is part of Gawker media.


RAWLS said...

Great work Brian! I appreciate your Wild Things contribution! Nice stuff my friend.

Brian Taylor Illustration said...

Thanks RAWLS!

Anonymous said...

Teh gayz.

Anonymous said...

Very nice likeness in the face, but the arms?! Where are they?!

And, seriously, the guitar controller is oh so wrong. I understand the aesthetic you were going for, but a little accuracy never hurt anyone.

Brian Taylor Illustration said...

Evidently I've been getting a lot of traffic to this post through Brian Crecente's Twitter page. He's sent his anonymous hecklers to get me!

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