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Friday, May 22, 2009

Christian Bale Unfinished Illustration

I worked on this one a while ago before the 'Dark Knight' came out. I was never happy with the way it was drawn, so I never got around to finishing coloring it. I thought it was a cool idea, but didn't like how I executed it. I was trying to show the 3 major roles he was known for at the time. Batman, American Psycho and The Prestige (which had just come out at the time of this illustration).

Thought this would be fitting to put up today, since his latest movie 'Terminator: Salvation' is out today. That'll probably be a DVD-rental for me.


Owen Schumacher said...

Yeah, this is a great idea. Of the three, though, I'd say we're not really feeling the Prestige part. Maybe, and this is terribly corny, but something to the effect of a rabbit or a top hat. Again, those examples are really obvious, but calling on the imagery of a magician—playing cards, white doves, etc.—might do the TRICK. I know, I can't stop now.

Brian Taylor Illustration said...

Yeah, I'll keep that in mind. But if I ever feel like finishing this one, I'll have to add a Terminator robot or something...

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